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3 Things to Know About Alcohol Intoxication and Mood Disorders

Alcohol intoxication can cause loss of memory

Alcohol intoxication and mood disorders occur together many times. In some cases, the exaggerated use of alcohol can cause or exacerbate a mood disorder. The problem with this kind of interaction is that, because both issues affect the brain, each can affect the other. A Tennessee resident’s brain chemistry and reactions can become imbalanced by the use or abuse of alcohol, which can devastate moods, destroy memories and even lead to self-harm.

Alcohol intoxication is defined by the National Institute of Health as using alcohol so much that a physical dependence can form, which will cause constant cravings for the substance. Alcohol is one of the most heavily abused substances in the world, especially in the US. It causes chemical reactions in the brain that limit brain function, cause slurring of words and the inability to control actions. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mood disorders are imbalances in mood and emotion due to chemical reactions in the brain. In other words, Tennessee residents that abuse alcohol may endure extreme symptoms from their mood disorders.

Extreme Changes in Mood

When paired with a mood disorder, alcohol abuse can make symptoms even worse than they normally would be. Because mood disorders affect chemical reactions in the brain, and alcohol depresses these reactions even more, these disorders could multiply when Tennessee residents drink. Bipolar disorder can  endanger patients and their loved ones, because OCD can become a trigger for a bigger problem, and depression can become even more life-threatening when patients drink. Alcohol quite simply makes any mood disorder worse.

Loss of Memory

Alcohol intoxication combined with mood disorders can also lead to memory loss. Chemical reactions and depression in the brain can limit the receptors that control memory. One of the effects of alcohol abuse is loss of memory, and combining this effect with a mood disorder can erase entire pockets of memory in the brain. This means that Tennessee residents threaten their memories when they drink alcohol, especially if they also have a mood disorder.


Combining the effects of these two issues can also lead to the loss of brain function that protect you from self-harm. Continued alcohol abuse can damage sections of the brain, which may lead to loss of control. Combining this effect with mood disorders could lead you to harm yourself without even realizing it. Tennessee residents need professional help to address alcohol abuse and mood disorders.

Alcoholism Treatment for Tennessee Residents with Mood Disorders

An imbalance in brain chemistry causes mood disorders, and alcohol is a depressant that damages the brain, so people with mood disorders threaten their health when they drink. If you or a Tennessee loved is dealing with a mood disorder and alcohol addiction at the same time, know that help is available. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to speak with one of our admissions coordinator about the treatment options and resources that can connect you with professional help. Call now to begin your recovery today.