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5 Ways to Find Balance in Your Recovery Lifestyle

Getting adequate rest is an important way to take care of yourself

Balance means having different elements in correct proportions; it provides steadiness. Without it recovering addicts either have too much or too little, which can threaten sobriety. Recovering Tennessee drug addicts must find and maintain balanced lifestyles to stay sober long term.

Both support and balance are essential in addiction recovery, because without these two elements recovering users can easily fall into an unstable lifestyle that triggers relapse. An addict’s lifestyle will be preoccupied with obtaining and using the substance, so recovery makes it easy for people to over-compensate with other hobbies or activities. In other words, some recovering addicts invest in their work, relationships or fitness regimen, but addicts do things in excess, so without balance they may quickly revert to extreme levels in any act. A balanced lifestyle will minimize stress and compulsive behavior.

Listed below are 5 ways to maintain a balanced life in recovery:

  • Establish a blueprint—It is much easier to work toward a goal with a plan. To cultivate a balanced lifestyle, Tennessee residents must identify the aspects of life that must be compartmentalized. For example, several recovery professionals recommend breaking down one’s lifestyle into different categories, such as into mental, physical and spiritual health, self-care, recovery, relationships and occupation. Individuals should chart how much time and energy they are putting into each of these aspects.
  • Set goals—If you learn what categories are lacking or receiving too much attention, then you can refine your path toward recovery goals. For example, if someone notices she invests too much time in her relationships, but she is lacking in self-care, then she can set goals to improve.
  • Get rid of the excess—To find balance in recovery, Tennessee residents must get rid of the excess. If you are investing too much time and energy into activities that hinder your long-term goals, then quit these activities. Bad relationships, unfulfilling hobbies and other problems can trigger relapse.
  • Recognize that change is inevitable—Plans and goals will change, so recovering addicts must occasionally take a step back and make a few adjustments. Sometimes a job may become too stressful, or a relationship may require too much attention; recovering addicts who can adapt to these changes can maintain sobriety.
  • Take care of yourself. If someone is getting inadequate rest, sleep, nutrients and other self-care necessities, then it becomes more and more difficult to tackle any of life’s day-to-day roles and responsibilities. Tennessee residents will be more able in recovery if they tend to their needs.

If Tennessee drug addicts find professional help, they can get and stay clean from drugs.

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