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Addiction in the Public EyeThe rich and famous appear to have every reason to be happy without vulnerability to ordinary problems. But, as the saying goes, money can’t buy happiness. And fame can’t stop addiction. In fact, wealth and celebrity status can cause special problems for addiction prevention and recovery that the average Tennessee resident battling addiction may not have to contend with.

At the root of many addictions are emotional problems that people cannot solve healthfully. Success and recognition don’t shield celebrities from emotional challenges or provide any easy solutions. The emotional stressors we all can feel, celebrities and Tennessee resident alike, include:

  • Romantic breakups
  • Pressure to succeed
  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

These human problems visit everyone. Without well-developed coping strategies in place, self-medication with drugs can easily become an imperfect solution that can lead to addiction.

People living in the public eye are also subject to stresses that other people in Tennessee are not. Circumstances of an A-list life that create added stress include:

  • Sudden fame. Most celebrities are not born famous. The changes in life as someone goes from obscure to superstar can be unexpected and even frightening.
  • An appetite for failure. Media coverage is frequently the most intense for celebrities who have made a mistake. Amplification of error can promote great despair.

While fame and fortune can’t solve emotional problems and eliminate stressors, it does bring, unfortunately, a certain amount of protection for bad ideas and dangerous practices. The entourage around a celebrity may be more likely to supply a budding drug habit rather than intervene against it.

Money and talent can serve to incubate a budding addiction. The early professional and economic damage from an addiction can trigger intervention from the family or employers of Tennessee residents of more ordinary means. Greater financial resources and the possession of unique talents can mean insulation from the early damage from addictions and the interventions that they normally trigger.

Real Celebrity Rehabilitation

Every recovery takes hard work and dedication. But there are some particular considerations that can help people living in the public eye to get the best chance of success in the challenging task of recovery.

First, try to recover outside of the public eye. Treatment programs are all expected to adhere to standards of privacy. For someone whose life is constantly followed by aggressive tabloid-style reporters, achieving real privacy can take more than the standard effort. Addiction treatment programs that are successful in treating celebrity addicts manage to keep their activities out of gossip columns.

Second, physical and social comfort can help celebrities succeed in recovery. A pleasant location and quality amenities won’t cure an addiction, but they do give the person less reason to want to run back to his old life.

Third, be open to accommodation. Some celebrities have found success with so-called “private rehab” in which the addict stays home and the addiction professionals bring the treatments to him. This approach can provide a solution to the extra need for privacy that famous addicts need. It also eliminates the sometimes challenging step of taking skills and realizations developed in treatment and transferring them back to everyday life.

Star in a New Role

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