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Are Interventions Like What I See on TV?Television programs often portray interventions and many do so fairly well. However, whether it is or isn’t portrayed accurately on television, interventions can be a valuable tool that aids the recovery of a loved one suffering from addiction. When a user’s friends and family gather in one location and confront her about addiction, this sends a unified message and can encourage that user to seek professional treatment. An intervention may be the biggest difference a family can make in a loved one’s addiction recovery, and if planned carefully it may lead your loved one to a life of sobriety.

Are Interventions on Television Accurate?

One of the main ways interventions differ between television programs and in real life is the ones on TV are more scripted and they have production quality. Real life can be planned to a certain point, but it will probably not go perfectly. The good news here is that an intervention does not have to be perfect in order to work. During your intervention you should simply focus on sharing your true feelings and explaining to the user how his actions have hurt you. Interventions are about opening a line of communication and encouraging the user to get help rather than living with an addiction.

How to Plan an Intervention

Planning an intervention for your loved one can be a stressful task, but with a few helpful tips you will be more able to help do so well. When planning your intervention, appoint a leader to run the meeting and to help keep order. Whether it is you or a professional interventionist, someone needs to be around to keep the participants organized. Another important thing to keep in mind is that only one person should speak at a time. The more people that speak, especially when emotions are running high, the more confusing the message can be. Therefore, allow one person at a time to speak, and have the leader dictate whose turn it is to talk. If you do not have time to plan an intervention or want help along the way, consider hiring a professional interventionist who can not only help you plan the event, but will also keep participants focused on messages of recovery.

Interventions for Addicted Loved Ones

Call our toll-free helpline today for more tips and advice on planning an intervention. We will give you more information on interventions or addiction treatment, whichever you need. We can help your loved one enroll in addiction treatment and we want to help you end the addiction once and for all. We are here 24 hours a day to speak with you, so call us now and find out if your loved one’s health insurance will pay for rehab treatment.