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Avoiding Anger during an InterventionLet’s face it, you’re angry. You’re angry that your loved one is using drugs, you’re angry at what addiction has cost your entire family and you’re angry that your finances are a wreck because of the addiction. A friend or family member’s addiction damages more than his or her life. You are impacted by the actions of your loved one, and you have a right to be angry at the negative changes this addiction has caused.

However when you are staging an intervention, it is important to let go of your anger. Avoiding anger will reduce your stress level, produce a calmer state of mind and lead to a more successful intervention process.

How to Plan an Addiction Intervention

The first step that you should take when planning an intervention is to hire an interventionist. While you can conduct a family intervention on your own, your odds of success are greatly improved when you have experienced interventionists on your side. The following are some of the potential benefits of hiring a professional interventionist:

  • The interventionist will explain to you the various types of interventions so that you can select the one that will work best for your family
  • Your intervention expert will offer intervention resources to keep you well informed during the process
  • You will be given guidelines on intervention safety so that you, the members of your family and your addicted loved one will be completely safe at all times

Your interventionist will help you to understand that this process is not about expressing your anger or venting your frustrations and disappointments. An intervention is a process that will allow you to express your sadness and your true desire to see your loved one get quality rehab care.

The Negative Effects of Anger during an Addiction Intervention

Anger is natural, but if you do not keep your anger under control during an addiction intervention, you may be facing a very difficult situation. Anger during an intervention can have the following effects:

  • Your anger is likely to be met with anger from the addict
  • The addict’s anger might turn violent, especially if he or she is being denied access to a drug
  • During the alcohol intervention, or drug intervention, keeping a cool and level head will help you to better focus on what you want to say
  • Losing your temper and unleashing your anger will just prove unproductive for everyone involved

Learning how to hold a safe and effective intervention is not always an easy process. With an interventionist by your side you will find that conducting an intervention will smoothly, especially if you follow his or her guidance and control your anger towards the addiction.

Get Help and Hold an Anger-Free Intervention

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