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Dealing with a Loved One's OverdoseIn the aftermath of a loved one’s overdose it is critical to know what steps to take to get the loved one the help she needs to end addiction and live a healthier lifestyle. Drug overdose can be a life-altering event not only for the addicted loved one but for the Tennessee family members as well. Some of the ways that family members can help a loved one after an overdose include the following:

  • Be present during and supportive of the recovery efforts. This will help the addicted loved one to know that his or her family is available when he or she may need them the most.
  • Create an open and honest line of communication that expresses feelings in a healthy manner to help the addicted loved one understand the need for recovery.
  • Get all close family members involved and educated on addiction and drug overdose. An educated family can help the addicted loved one realize how dangerous his or her addiction has become and the need for professional treatment.
  • Consider seeking family counseling that can help family members put aside past frustrations and create a healthy support system that can encourage the addicted loved one to enter drug addiction rehabilitation.

In the aftermath of a loved one’s overdose it is also extremely important to take care of oneself. Dealing with an addicted loved one can create unmanageable levels of personal stress and frustration. In order to continue helping an addicted loved one it is important to ensure self-preservation through healthy coping methods. Family therapy can be a beneficial way to help other family members handle their emotions in a healthy manner.

What to Do If a Loved One Continues to Use Drugs after an Overdose

If an addicted loved one in Tennessee recovers from a drug overdose and returns to drug use, chances are that an overdose will occur again and he or she may not be able to recover the second time. An overdose can be a life-threatening event that should lead a person to realize the dangers of drug use and prompt him or her to seek help. However, addiction can be almost impossible to overcome without professional treatment. Family members can help an addicted loved one to enter into treatment at a licensed rehab facility by staging an intervention. Seeking help from a professional interventionist can help to ensure that an addict accepts treatment for his or her addiction. An intervention can help an addicted loved one to realize the severity of his or her addiction and accept support from his or her family. Staging an intervention can be critical in getting treatment for an addicted loved one and preventing another drug overdose from occurring.

Need Help Finding Treatment?

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