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Do College Freshmen Have an Increased Risk of Addiction?

Many young adults celebrate the independence they find in college, and must also deal with several challenges

Entering college as a freshman will completely change someone’s life. Although many young adults celebrate the independence they find in college, leaving their Tennessee family and friends also creates several challenges. Meeting higher academic standards, battling homesickness and managing stress are among the many tests that freshmen encounter, and these issues may give way to Ativan abuse.

Many college freshmen mishandle freedom, get swept up in the excitement of parties and kick academics to the curb. Other students crumble under the pressure, but research on this demographic explains that faith is a key variable separating two groups. While an environment cannot singlehandedly trigger addiction to form, a shaky spiritual foundation can lay the groundwork for drug abuse. In fact, some substance abuse experts say that young adults who leave home for college are more likely to cope in unhealthy ways if they also experience a crisis in their beliefs.

Some degree of examination is normal, especially for people who leave home for the first time. However, problems arise when Tennessee teens and young adults grapple with issues that undermine their identities. Subsequently, they become more vulnerable to a variety of addictive behaviors, from gambling to recreational drug use. For example, a college student who matures in his childhood faith is less likely to engage in high-risk behavior, such as illicit drug use. In contrast, someone who feels singled out for divine punishment may seek ways to numb the emotional pain that religion did not cure.

Reasons to Believe in Higher Powers

A growing body of research shows that spirituality improves mental health in the following ways:

  • Prevents depression
  • Boosts mental health
  • Decreases sense of self in a positive way
  • Connects people with the world
  • Minimizes daily stress
  • Encourages altruism
  • Often leads to community connection

Although many people think of rehab as a place to detox, professional treatment centers also address holistic needs, such as finding faith. In other words, in rehab drug addicts can not only quit using drugs, but they can also find the faith that will encourage long-term recovery. Recovery experts can comfort direct Tennessee drug addicts through periods of doubts toward renewed spirituality.

Help for Tennessee Drug Addicts

Recovering from Ativan abuse is difficult, but you do not have to do it alone, because our staff can help. Admissions coordinators are available at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to guide you and your Tennessee family to wellness. Call today to take the first steps toward recovery.