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Facing Fears about Your Loved One’s AddictionFear is one of the most prevalent emotions felt by all those who are affected by addiction. Loved ones may fear for an addict’s safety and health. They may fear how the addiction will affect their own life or their children’s. Feeling fearful about a loved one’s addiction is to be expected and is normal; however, this fear must be dealt with before it enables the addiction to continue.

By letting fear take over, friends or family of an addict allow addiction control their lives, just like it has done to the addict. Fear cripples people and can prevent you from approaching the addict and requesting that she get help. By avoiding the situation because of fear, a loved one allows the addiction to continue. An addict may not believe she needs addiction treatment until she hits rock bottom. It may be up to a friend or family member to take a stand and request that she get help. The sooner a person approaches an addict, the more likely it is that she will find help.

Coping with Fear of a Loved One’s Addiction

Facing fears about a loved one’s addiction may be easier said than done. But, knowing the importance that this will have on the addict’s future may prove to be more of an initiative. The longer an addiction continues, the more problems will develop for the addict and those close to him. The risk factor only becomes greater; the chances of a health complication or overdose become much more likely. Addicts may hit extremes in their mood, dealing with depression, loneliness, anger, or mania. This can lead to self-isolating behavior, pushing the addict even further away from those who care and those who can help. Addiction can leave a person jobless, homeless, broke, without a family or future. Friends and family of a loved one will endure great heartache and pain watching the addict suffer. Knowing the dangers and destructive nature of addiction, a person must accept the responsibility of overcoming fear about dealing with the addiction.

Family and friends of an addict can learn how to cope with addiction by taking action as well. By speaking with rehab professionals, you can learn more about the nature of addiction, how to approach an addict about the addiction, even how to stage an intervention. Addiction affects everyone who is close to the addict, so treatment options are available for friends and family as well. Many rehab centers offer family counseling and therapy programs to deal with the consequences of addiction as a group. People may also get their own counseling or therapy if needed. Programs and support groups such as Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and Al-teen are also great ways for loved one’s of an addict to find support and guidance in dealing with and coping with the scars of addiction.

How to Get a Loved One into Addiction Treatment

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