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Family Dynamics and AddictionTennessee families can play an enormous role in every aspect of addiction, from the beginnings of drug abuse to long-term recovery. Family members and loved ones can help a drug user, but sometimes they cause more harm than good. Loved ones must decide if they will encourage or discourage substance abuse, so get help today to keep your loved ones healthy.

Family Dynamics and Initial Drug Use

Many factors contribute to initial drug use, but one of the main factors is family. Not only do family dynamics contribute to drug abuse and addiction by way of genetics, but a family environment and structure can also promote drug use. Tennessee residents whose parents abuse drugs and/or alcohol have a greater risk of drug abuse due to both genetics and environment. According to the National Association for Children of Alcoholics, parents who tolerate drug and alcohol abuse give their children a greater risk of abusing drugs and alcohol. Family problems such as abuse, torn families and pressure for perfection could cause children to begin using at a young age. Unsupportive spouses, marital problems, financial issues, rebellious children and family crises can also contribute to initial drug use.

How Families Affect Treatment and Recovery

In addition to their effects on initial drug use, family dynamics also greatly impact treatment and recovery. Social support is one of the most essential aspects of recovery, as it keeps people working even when they think they cannot. Without support, a Tennessee drug user may easily fall back into drug use, but a family can also be a great source of discouragement and heartache.

One potential scenario is that family members purposefully discourage recovery. This may happen for many reasons, like if they abuse drugs themselves and do not desire treatment. However, if a family discourages recovery, they may feel frustration, bitterness, resentment, embarrassment or betrayal from the user. Many families have negative feelings for a drug user, but this does not benefit the family in any way. Rather than holding on to bitterness, Tennessee families should encourage their loved ones and rebuild relationships that addiction tore down.

Tennessee families can also help a recovering addict. It is so difficult to maintain recovery without help, so support is imperative. Family members can support an addict by encouraging her to seek treatment and helping her get there. Once someone seeks treatment, families can encourage her throughout treatment by sending encouraging cards, making phone calls or participating in counseling sessions. The maintenance stage is probably when a recovering addict needs the most familial support: leaving treatment can be the easiest time to get sucked back into old habits. Family members can help recovering addicts by keeping her accountable. Sometimes it is necessary to ask the hard questions, and while this can be frustrating, it could also be the line between returning to a life of sobriety.

Tennessee Addiction Help

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