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How the Dangers of Natural Drugs Compare to Synthetics

Spice is a commonly abused synthetic drug

In some ways, synthetic drugs are more dangerous than natural drugs, but the dangers of both substances should be reason enough to avoid drug abuse altogether. Whether a drug is natural or synthetic, it still exposes Tennessee users to risks like overdose, addiction and other consequences that may cause long-term damage or pain. The risks associated with synthetic and natural drugs are similar in many ways, and, if you begin abusing either type, you will experience several problems until you stop your drug abuse for good. Seek professional help to address problems with drug abuse.

Are Synthetic Drugs More Dangerous than Natural Ones?

The dangers of synthetic and natural drugs are similar in some ways. For instance, you cannot predict the potency of any drug that you buy on the street, so, even if you abuse the same amount of a drug each time, you could be exposing yourself to the risk of overdose. In other words, if Tennessee residents do not know how strong a drug is, then they have no idea how it will affect them. Furthermore, synthetic and natural drugs are both addictive, so, if users begin regularly abusing either type of drug, then they can become dependent upon those substances. Dependency means someone needs the drug to function, so priorities rearrange around getting and using the drug.

However, one way synthetic drugs are more dangerous than natural drugs is that less is known about their effects. Studies have examined drugs like cocaine and marijuana because they have been around for quite some time; on the other hand, synthetic drugs, such as cannabinoids and bath salts, are relatively new, so research into these substances has been limited. Because the dangers of synthetic drugs are not properly understood, Tennessee drug users have additional risks when abusing synthetic drugs.

Treatment for Tennessee Drug Addicts

If you live in Tennessee and are addicted to synthetic drugs, then you need help. If you avoid professional addiction treatment, then the effects on your life will only worsen. Synthetic drug abuse can cause brain damage, fatal overdose and personal problems, such as financial difficulties and relationship issues, and an addiction to a synthetic drug cannot be overcome without professional treatment.

Call our toll-free helpline today to begin addressing your drug abuse habits. Our admissions coordinators are standing by 24 hours a day to teach synthetic drug users about the dangers of addiction, and to connect them with treatment. Your health insurance may pay for rehab, so call today to find out more.