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How to Approach a Loved One about Getting Addiction HelpEven the most outgoing person may be nervous to talk with a loved one about addiction and getting help, but it must be done. Speaking with a loved one about getting addiction help is a great way to show how much you care, and your loved one will appreciate it in the future after recovering from addiction. Do not be afraid of speaking with your loved one about seeking addiction treatment. Your involvement may be a deciding factor when your loved one decides to get treatment for his or her addiction.

Does My Loved One Need Addiction Help?

Deciding if your loved one is suffering from addiction can be difficult since you are not in his or her shoes. If your loved one has not come to you and told you about the addiction, you must decide on your own. You can ask your loved one if he or she is suffering from addiction, but he or she may not answer truthfully and may be in denial. There are certain indicators and behaviors you can look for to determine if someone is suffering from addiction. If prescription drugs, alcohol or things of monetary value have come up missing when your loved one has been around, he or she may be suffering from addiction. If your loved one avoids family and lies about why he or she misses family events, your loved one may be attempting to cover up an addiction. Remember that your loved one is suffering and does not want to hurt family and friends.

Talking with Your Loved One about Addiction Recovery

Speaking with your loved one about addiction and addiction recovery should occur in an open forum, where both parties are allowed to speak their minds. Let your loved one know that you want the best for him or her, and speak openly about how the addiction has affected your loved one and you. Ask your loved one if he or she needs help or would like to speak with you about what he or she is going through. Throughout the conversation, urge your loved one to get help for the addiction. Treatment is important for recovery, so make that the main focus of conversation.

Is Your Loved One Suffering from Addiction?

Your loved one does not have to continue suffering from addiction. Call our toll-free helpline today to learn more about addiction, talking to a loved one about addiction and the leading types of addiction treatment. We will direct you to an effective treatment center that will help your loved one through the recovery process. We are here to speak with you about addiction recovery 24 hours a day, so pick up the phone and give us a call.