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How to Find Help

Speaking with a professional allows an individual to tailor the search to one’s personal needs

For many, the hardest part of overcoming substance abuse or addiction is acknowledging the problem, overcoming denial. It is downright difficult to accept the presence of a disease like addiction, where there is such a stigma attached to it. People do not want to be judged by their loved ones, coworkers and society in general, so making the decision to get help is often delayed or avoided. Tennessee communities should support their members who need addiction recovery care by educating themselves on the realities of addiction and supporting sober lifestyles.

While it may seem horribly frightening, opening-up and revealing a problem to loved ones can actually be relieving and rewarding. Friends and family can provide support and assistance when it comes to finding treatment. They can take care of details and give the addict the confidence and assurance he needs to believe that it is okay to put other things on the back burner while he receives treatment. For some, researching treatment programs can be overwhelming. This is a task friends and family in Tennessee can make easier for the addict by designating people to compile information and ask questions on the addict’s behalf. They can also give the addict the emotional support, assurance and confidence he or she needs to enter treatment. Unfortunately, not everyone has the confidence or the option to seek help from friends and family. Those who don’t have a strong support network to help them begin their journey to recovery can utilize helplines and addiction networks that can provide information on treatment programs and financial assistance.

Where to Go For Help from Substance Abuse or Addiction

There are plenty of resources available for those who need help for addiction or substance abuse. Individuals can learn about addiction and treatment options via the web, which is a great starting point for individuals who do not have the support of loved ones. The internet can provide great information and connections to people who can not only answer questions and address concerns about treatment, but it can connect individuals to resources that can actually help individuals find the treatment services that are right for them.

It doesn’t matter who an individual initially talks with about his desire for help, it just matters that he is eventually connected with someone who can generate the appropriate treatment. While it is beneficial to find information online, speaking with a professional allows an individual to tailor his search to his personal needs. Professionals can address specific concerns and explain what the addict needs to learn to make the best decision for his unique situation.

Find Help for Substance Abuse or Addiction Here

Whether you would like answers to questions, helpful information or assistance finding the treatment programs and services that will work for you, we can help. Our toll-free helpline is operated 24 hours a day by recovery professionals who are ready to assist you. Your call is confidential and judgment-free. We are happy to provide you with credible information and guidance that can connect you with the treatment and recovery options in Tennessee that will work best for your unique needs. You do not have to carry this burden alone. You have help available if you are ready to reach out and ask for it. We are just a phone call away.