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Is Addiction a Selfish Disease?Many addicts cannot help but think about themselves constantly. In lieu of drug use, they make sacrifices when it comes to relationships, finances, work and physical and psychological health. To use drugs, they shift their responsibilities to other people, including coworkers, parents, spouses, children and friends. It can be difficult for the loved ones of a Tennessee drug addict not to be angry with her. But, this is errant judgment, as addiction eliminates someone’s ability to recover without professional help. Non-addicts can see how the addict is selfish, so it is easy to write the addict off, but this person needs help to quit and to stay clean.

How Addiction Works

One of the most frustrating aspects of having an addicted love one is that pointing fingers accomplishes nothing. Addiction is a disease that blazes a destructive path through the user’s brain, through his logic and reasoning, until it consumes him. It is easy for Tennessee residents without addictions to condemn a drug addict and to view addiction as a matter of willpower. Many people say that, if an addict truly desired to be free, he could make himself stop using.

It is true that, before an addiction develops, people have a choice to use drugs. For instance, the initial choice to abuse a drug is made in presence of mind, and even Tennessee residents who take prescriptions for legitimate medical needs can consciously follow or violate the dosage instructions. Even powerful prescription drugs do not cause dependence when a patient follows a physician’s guidance, so there are some circumstances in which drug abuse indeed depends upon poor decision-making.

However, addiction is a complex disease that works outside of desire and willpower. For this reason, it is important that addicts go through professional treatment. In rehab, addiction professionals are in control, the ones who take the initiative, until the addict begins to heal.

What Addiction Says about a Person’s Character and Relationships?

A Tennessee drug addict is not by default someone who lacks good character or does not care about her loved ones. Many people are more susceptible to addiction than others are, whether because of genetic factors, mental disorders or physical and/or emotional trauma. Therefore, addiction may not say reflect an addict’s feelings about her loved ones.

To help someone overcome addiction, interventions can be effective, or at least help the addict become one step closer to understanding his disease and his need for treatment. Lacking an addiction does not make you a good person, and struggling with addiction does not make you a bad person. Addiction simply means you have made bad decisions and have fallen prey to a disease that affects the mind and body. To recover from these problems, Tennessee residents need professional treatment.

Tennessee Addiction Help

If you or a Tennessee loved one struggles with addiction, call our toll-free helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator about treatment. They are available 24 hours a day to help you find the treatment program that meets your needs. Please call now to begin recovery today.