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My Intervention Failed. Now What?Drug intervention is one of the manners in which concerned individuals work together to get an addict into treatment. Working with a professional, Tennessee families confront the drug abuser in a show of unity and strength in order to cause the addict to seek treatment. It is a popular and mostly effective manner of facing the problem in a community minded manner. However, it is not one hundred percent effective and in some cases interventions must be repeated until the addict accepts treatment.

Unsuccessful Interventions

An intervention can be considered a failure when the ultimate goal of placing the addict in professional treatment is not achieved and the stated consequences of avoiding treatment are not enacted. However, just because a person does not seek treatment right away does not mean the intervention fails. It fails when there is no follow through and no groundwork laid for future discussions of rehab and other avenues of treatment.

Following the first “failed” intervention, Tennessee families will have to show determination and a certain amount of “tough love.” According to a report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), addicts must have consequences that are real and immediate to convince them to reject such a significant, if deadly, aspect of their lives. Ultimatums must be followed through or there will be no change.

Next Steps?

Tennessee families who care for a drug abuser must be willing to take the consequences through to the bitter end. The unpleasant truth of the matter is that an addict’s perception is clouded by drug abuse and only an extreme and lasting action can make them see the truth of the situation. This might mean involving the authorities or refusing to help financially. That being said, it is also important to be available emotionally and offer moral support. These intangibles will matter more in the long run than any false protection brought on by well meaning people who are actually enabling the behavior.

It must be stressed that the steps to recovery are all the choice of the user. No one can be forced to live clean through peer pressure. However, if one is shown the error of his ways in such a manner that reaffirms his value to a group of friends or family then that can be considered a successful turn of events.

Addiction Help

If you or someone you love in Tennessee is dealing with addiction or searching for treatment options, you are not alone. Please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator who can help connect you with the resources and next steps that are right for you and your situation. Please call today.