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Should I Cut an Addict out of My Life?Addiction drives individuals to go to extremes to acquire and use drugs and alters behavior in negative ways. An addict will begin to care more about drugs than about relationships and he or she may become emotionally manipulative or abusive. A relationship with an addict may become harmful if he constantly asks for money and assistance due to drug-related problems. Addicts may behave erratically due to the effects of drugs, and this can be distressing for those around them. Addicts may begin to spend time with others only when they need something or when they are under the influence of drugs, which creates an unbalanced relationship.

How to Cope with a Friend or Loved One’s Addiction

If a relationship with an addict is causing you stress and is affecting your quality of life, consider attending a support group. Community support groups for friends and family of addicts can help you share your experiences with others dealing with similar problems. Individuals may talk about how they cope with the addiction while still supporting their loved ones. Attendees can help each other accept that they have no control over the addict and are urged to communicate openly with their loved ones and encourage them to get help.

How to Help an Addicted Loved One

Individuals may need to establish boundaries as a way to prevent the relationship from being harmful to themselves and also to make it clear to the addict that manipulative behavior will not be tolerated. You can offer emotional support and still refuse to give an addict money, food or assistance for any unhealthy situations caused by his drug use. Addicted parents may use children as a reason to solicit money, but the money may end up going to support the addiction.

Addiction can color perspective and cause bad behavior, and many addicts must face the consequences of their behavior before they will seek help. Encourage your loved one to be honest with himself about how his addiction is affecting his life and those around him. You may also want to only spend time with the addict when he is sober and refuse to drink or use drugs with him.

When to End a Relationship with an Addict

If a friend or loved one refuses to admit he has a problem, he may be unwilling or unable to spend time with you while sober and may blame you for not helping him. If you have set firm boundaries for your relationship and your friend or loved one still refuses to treat you with respect, it may be time to stop spending time with him. The addict may be more likely to face his problem if he loses a close friend or positive relationship, and it is important to take care of your own safety and needs.

While you may need to cut an addicted person out of your life, remember that he is suffering from a disease that alters brain chemistry and changes behavior and perspective. Try to forgive your friend or loved one for his behavior but do what will be best for both of you in the long term.

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