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Tranquilizer Addiction HelpThe term tranquilizer refers to a group of prescription drugs called benzodiazepines. This group of drugs includes the generic drugs alprazolam, diazepam and lorazepam that are sold under brand names such as the following:

  • Xanax
  • Librium
  • Klonopin
  • Valium
  • Rohypnol
  • Ativan

There are many more products that contain tranquilizers, and all of these drugs can contribute to powerful addictions. Tranquilizers are prescribed to treat stress, anxiety and panic attacks, and they are abused for their euphoric side effects. Dependence on benzodiazepines can occur quickly, even when used as prescribed, so they are typically indicated for short-term use and should only be used as directed by a doctor. Tennessee tranquilizer users who have developed an addiction to these substances should seek professional treatment.

First Steps in Tranquilizer Addiction Recovery for Tennessee Users

If you or someone you love in Tennessee is struggling with tranquilizer addiction, professional help is available. Recovery begins with identifying and recognizing an addiction problem. If you are the one using or abusing tranquilizers, you can reach out to helplines or your doctor to find the appropriate counselors or treatment options. If a friend, parent or child is abusing tranquilizers, you may need to talk with a professional interventionist to determine how to proceed. A formal intervention is not always required, but an interventionist can help you determine how to most effectively approach your loved one and begin a conversation about recovery.

Treating Tennessee Residents Struggling with Tranquilizer Addiction

Addressing tranquilizer addiction as soon as possible is important for the long-term health and recovery of Tennessee addicts. The sooner you get help, the less severe the effects of the addiction will be and the more likely you’ll be to succeed in treatment. Waiting to get help for yourself or putting off talking with a loved one about addiction will only lead to continued consequences of addiction such as major health problems, job loss and increasing drug use. Addressing drug addiction early can also lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Benzodiazepine drugs can have severe withdrawal symptoms that include seizures, cognitive difficulties and a return or worsening of symptoms for which the drug was originally taken. A temporary return of anxiety and panic attacks can cause recovering users to relapse if they are not receiving support, encouragement and physical care from a professional recovery program. While care is essential for short-term recovery and getting clean, it is just as important for long-term sobriety. Aftercare, therapy and accountability ensure that individuals continue to get the help and support they need to build a strong, healthy and drug-free life.

Finding Tranquilizer Addiction Help

Call our toll-free helpline to get connected to options for tranquilizer addiction recovery. We can help you find the treatment program that matches your needs, your personality and your insurance coverage, and we can help family members access counseling and intervention resources. We are here 24 hours a day, so please learn more about finding a sober life today.