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What Are Secondary Addictions?Many users are addicted to more than one substance, so it is common that users may be suffering from two or more addictions at once. Sometimes these other addictions are referred to as secondary addictions, but many times there is no “main addiction” and all the addictions occur at the same time. Some Tennessee residents may be addicted to three, four, or more substances. Understanding the meaning of secondary addictions and learning how they are treated is important if you want to recover. You can recover from your addictions, but when you suffer from multiple addictions it may require extensive treatment to achieve a full recovery.

Understanding Secondary Addictions among Tennessee Residents

Some Tennessee residents become addicted to one substance, such as alcohol, but other users abuse two or more substances and can become addicted to each substance. When a user is addicted to multiples substances, the addictions can play off each other, causing chain reactions such as more severe side effects and withdrawal symptoms. When a user suffers from multiple addictions, sometimes it can be difficult to even figure out which substance is causing withdrawal symptoms. Suffering from multiple addictions is all consuming and will take over your life. The only way to manage addictions is to seek professional treatment.

Secondary Addictions Treatment for Tennessee Residents

Treating secondary addictions often requires special attention that cannot be found in traditional treatment centers. Traditional addiction treatment only focuses on single addictions and does not focus on the relationships between the multiple substances you may be addicted to. When you suffer from multiple addictions, be sure to ask your treatment center if they are equipped to treat the particular complications of your condition. If you do not receive treatment for each of your addictions, part of your problem will go untreated and it will become more likely that you will relapse when you leave treatment.

Secondary Addiction Recovery for Tennessee Addicts

You do not have to let your secondary addiction rule your life. If you are a Tennessee resident and suffer from multiple addictions, call our toll-free helpline today to learn more about what multiple addictions means for you and how each one can be effectively treated. If you would like to find out more about treatment for multiple addictions and be referred to an effective treatment center, our trained addiction experts are here to speak with you 24 hours a day. Call now and learn how addiction treatment can change your life for the better.