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When a public figure opens up about her drug addiction, she will do so in one of two ways. One, she will be honest about what is happening, and then she will get the treatment she needs. Two, she will evade questions, blame people/circumstances for her problems and continue in a downward spiral of drug abuse, jail time and attending multiple treatment programs. These two scenarios can overwhelm people who look up to and admire that public figure, but the potential good in the first scenario can motivate Tennessee drug users to get the help they need.

The Positive Side of Celebrity Drug Addicts

Saying that drug addiction has a positive side seems like an oxymoron, but public figures who seek help for drug addiction can inspire Tennessee residents who avoid rehab. Public figures can use their celebrity status to encourage addicts to seek treatment, which can prevent people from a cycle of addiction, recovery and relapse if see these figures as role models. If you see people you admire overcome struggles with drugs and alcohol, then you may realize that you are not alone in your own addiction journey. Listen to the advice of someone in the public eye to see the positive choices you can make, because doing so may inspire you to stay sober.

The Negative Side of Celebrity Drug Addicts

Some celebrities continue abusing drugs in spite of the advice that their mentors, friends and family members give. Public figures are in unique situations, because they live their addiction struggles in the fishbowl of public scrutiny. For those celebrities who have not yet realized that they need help, they can complicate other people’s drug problems: as they continue using in spite of confrontations with the law and time spent in jail, they tell the watching public that this type of attention only increases celebrity status. Vulnerable Tennessee residents who struggle with addiction may see continued drug abuse as a way to get attention rather than a red flag in life. In other words, watching celebrities get away with dangerous, life-threatening behaviors can motivate other addicts to continue their pattern of self-destruction.

Find Help for Tennessee Drug Addicts

If you live in Tennessee and struggle with addiction, then the most important step you can take is to get into the right treatment program; the choice could save your life. No matter what a celebrity does, reaching out for help can place you on the road to recovery and free you from substance abuse. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now to speak to an admissions coordinator about available treatment options.