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What If a Person Shows up High to an Intervention?Staging a drug intervention signifies that someone’s addiction has gotten too serious for his loved ones to tolerate. They could enlist the services of an interventionist and fully acquaint her with the circumstances. They then agree on a time and place, summon everyone there and finally confront the addict. Unfortunately, if someone present is not sober, this could have terrible repercussions. Get help today to anticipate this problem.

What to Do If an Addict Shows up High to an Intervention

You should prepare a contingency plan if your addicted loved one shows up to an intervention while under the influence. Since she does not know what the meeting is about, it is unlikely that she will consider it important enough to come without any drugs in her system. In the later stages of addiction, it will be difficult to catch her at a time when she is sober, as her body may experience severe withdrawal symptoms if she does not keep it supplied with drugs at all times.

In the event that your addicted loved one shows up drunk or high, stay and wait until he is sober, as the chance to gather everyone without the addict’s prior knowledge will be harder to come by in the future. Going away and reconvening would be counterproductive at this point, since there is no guarantee that he will arrive with any greater sobriety next time. Once he can listen to and process information, the intervention should proceed as planned. An interventionist will be an invaluable guide for the rest of the group on how to deal with this development.

What to Do If Someone Shows up High to an Intervention

Having someone drunk or high at the intervention will undermine the meeting, and such an individual should be asked to leave. She may love the addict and truly want to see him free from addiction, but the fact that she is not sober at such an important occasion nullifies her right to ask the addict to stop using. It indicates that she has a different set of standards for herself than she expects the addict to follow. This will distract others from the intended focus of the intervention. The fact that this person is no longer welcome at the intervention will strongly signal that the family will not tolerate drug or alcohol abuse from anyone.

Staging an Intervention for Your Loved One

If someone you love has fallen into drug or alcohol abuse and you want to help, please start by calling our toll-free helpline. Our counselors are here 24 hours a day to take your call, and they have information about interventionist services and treatment programs. Call us today and let us bring recovery into your life.