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What is a Pain Clinic?Pain clinics are healthcare facilities where various doctors and other professionals collaborate to treat chronic pain. Treatment from pain clinics may include medications, physical therapy and alternative therapies, but they may also offer nerve blocks, procedures that block a specific group of nerves from causing pain in a particular organ or area of the body. Tennessee residents who seek treatment from a pain clinic may suffer from conditions such as arthritis, back pain or cancer, but they can find relief with professional help.

Unfortunately, pain clinics do not always offer all of these services, and at times these clinics are little more than a façade to sell pills to drug users and addicts seeking a substance of choice. These rogue clinics are known as “pill mills” and provide an unbalanced approach to pain management. Pill mills only accept walk-in patients, provide little examination and sell prescriptions for cash instead of insurance. Pill mills may have long lines of people who wait to buy pills, and these clinics make enormous profits off of the hardships of painkiller addicts. Those who run pill mills know that addicts are desperate for their substances of choice and that they will pay large sums of money in cash to obtain narcotics, but these are not the true pain clinics that offer help. If you live in Tennessee and wish to use a pain clinic, be sure you find a center that will help you recover well.

How Pill Mills Affect Painkiller Abuse and Addiction

Pill mills that operate under the guise of legitimacy perpetuate national addiction problems. They allow drug dealers to purchase large amounts of pills and to transport them to other parts of the US. They also increase addiction problems for any drug user who has access to this facility. Also, drug users may use local pill mills as their primary source for obtaining drugs. They make drug seeking behavior more convenient, thus encouraging Tennessee users to develop serious addictions quite quickly. As the number of pill mills increase throughout the years, the national rates of drug-related deaths increase as well.

Solutions for Painkiller Addiction

Law enforcement officials are working to eliminate pill mills by creating stricter operating requirements. Police officers and other officials have raided and closed many pill mills through the US, and these solutions work well on a national level. Unfortunately, local Tennessee residents lack solutions to painkiller abuse problems, so they need help to break painkiller addiction. Treatment from a high quality rehab center can help drug addicts overcome their urges to seek and use painkillers. Rehab treatment combines various methods to offer comprehensive treatment for addiction and related issues. With the help of rehab, patients can recover both physically and psychologically from painkiller addiction.

Help for Tennessee Residents with Painkiller Addiction

If you or a Tennessee loved one struggles with painkiller addiction, then call our toll-free helpline today to reach a rehab admissions coordinator. We can connect you to quality addiction treatment that can lead you or a loved one to recovery. You don’t have to waste another moment on painkiller abuse, because we are available 24 hours a day to take your call. Don’t hesitate to call now, as we offer instant, confidential support.