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What Is Motivational Interviewing?Motivational interviewing is a style of counseling during the addiction recovery process. In many ways, this particular type of counseling is groundbreaking in approach. The basic idea is that the addiction professional treats his or her patient as an equal. Instead of telling clients what they have done wrong and how they have gone astray, counselors talk to and work with the individual in order to help aid in addiction rehabilitation. This style has proven to be very effective for many people, and may help some recovering Tennessee addicts.

Why Motivational Interviewing Can Be Beneficial to Tennessee Addicts

There are many reasons why motivational interviewing has proven to be an effective tool in addiction recovery. First of all, the emphasis on collaboration can help Tennessee addicts trust their therapists. Many counseling models rely upon confronting the addict about mistakes he or she has made. This is not the case with motivational interviewing, which simply attempts to help the addict understand his own motivations for recovery, and his ambivalence or resistance towards it as well.

Instead of being told what to do, the patient works towards arriving at his own reasons for getting sober and finds his own internal motivation. Talking things out also helps to make the often fuzzy and confusing world addiction creates become more clear through simple back-and-forth sharing and conversation. This assists in grounding a person and allowing him to make his own decisions.

In addition, being listened to and respected by the counselor can be extremely helpful for an addict’s confidence. Having one person really understand them can also help addicts to begin to rediscover themselves, as well. This rediscovery can really begin to unlock the motivations and solutions to sobriety.

Counseling of this type can be used in conjunction with many types of therapy. Counseling is generally recommended in most treatment plans, and is often completed alongside a track that includes group therapy sessions and meditation exercises. The validation, self-exploration and understanding provided by motivational interviewing can be a vital asset to addiction recovery.

How We Can Help Tennessee Addicts

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