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Why Interventions Are Important for Addicts and Loved OnesAn intervention is a carefully planned process that helps an addicted person accept the need for recovery help. An intervention is a loving but firm confrontation that helps an addicted person understand how addiction has impacted the lives of everyone involved. An intervention ends with a call to action and an offer of rehab treatment.

Plan an Intervention for Your Loved One

When you stage an intervention, it is important that you take time to plan the intervention beforehand. You need to have addiction treatment arranged before the intervention begins. You usually only have 24 to 48 hours to get your loved one into treatment after they agree to receive recovery help. This short amount of time prohibits your loved one from changing his or her mind before treatment can begin.

The sooner a person receives treatment, the more success that person will have in recovery. The longer you let substance use and addiction progress, the harder it will be for your loved one to get well. Addiction is a dangerous disease. A person may seem healthy and well one moment but overdose the next. Addicted persons usually think that they are in control of their addiction, but addiction is a disease that causes a great deal of denial. Your loved one’s addiction may be worse than you realize. Seek help now before it is too late.

Don’t Enable a Loved One’s Addiction

There are many ways we keep our loved ones addicted without even realizing it. The following are ways to enable an addiction:

  • Fail to seek treatment help for that person
  • Cover up, lie and hide the addiction from the outside world
  • Allow abusive or unhealthy relationships to continue
  • Fail to seek counseling or support for yourself
  • Fail to learn more about rehab, addiction and the addiction treatment process
  • Fail to take time to plan an intervention carefully
  • Fail to research treatment options for your loved one

Get Intervention and Rehabilitation Help

If you need intervention assistance, resources or rehab information, we can help. Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about the intervention and treatment process and get you and your family started on a path to wellness. You don’t have to do this alone; we are here for you 24 hours a day. Call our confidential helpline, and speak to an experienced recovery assistant today.