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4 Ways to Overcome the Temptation to Drink Alcohol on a Holiday

Surround yourself with sober people during the holidays

Alcohol is a part of most parties and celebrations during the holiday season. But, for those in alcohol recovery, overcoming the temptation to drink during a celebration can be overwhelming. Tennessee residents have many resources to help them quit drinking, including finding sober friends, bringing non-alcoholic drinks to parties, managing stress and rewarding themselves.

Surround Yourself with Sober People

Sticking close to alcohol-free friends, loves ones and others in recovery gives you strength during the holidays. Take a sobriety partner with you to parties, ask family members not to serve alcohol at their homes and only attend functions where drinking will be the exception rather than the norm. In doing so, Tennessee residents can surround themselves with sober people during the holidays, which will help them avoid relapse.

Make Sober Substitutions

Have a drink at holiday parties, but make sure it’s a non-alcoholic one. That way you can engage with other guests and not feel like you are alone without a drink. A soda, mineral water with lime, club soda with cranberry juice and tonic water can all help you manage your alcohol cravings in sober ways.

Manage Your Holiday Stress

Holiday stress can derail the best laid plans of any recovering alcoholic. Dealing with Tennessee family members, an out-of-control calendar and financial pressures can all make it easier to abuse alcohol for stress relief. But, you have come too far to allow stress to get the better of you. Limit your calendar to those events that you really want to attend. Manage your finances by controlling your Christmas spending. Spend time with the people who understand your struggle and that want to support your sobriety. Get rid of the problems that cause you stress, because in doing so you can keep your emotions under control to decrease alcohol cravings.

Reward Yourself for Staying Sober

Reward yourself each time you refuse a drink during the holidays, because this gives you a way to celebrate your sobriety successes. Get a pedicure or manicure, have a piece of chocolate, watch a sporting event or go fishing with a friend to mark the strength it took for you to resist your desire for drinking during the holidays.

Recovery Help for Tennessee Alcoholics

Staying sober during the holidays can be difficult, but having a plan and surrounding yourself with those who support your recovery can help you stay clean. If you or a Tennessee loved one struggles with alcoholism, our admissions coordinators can help you. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to learn about treatment options that can help you stay clean.