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Even as marijuana use becomes legal in some parts of the country and popular opinions about the drug are gradually changing, abuse is still a rampant problem, in Bartlett and throughout the country.  Marijuana is being legalized for medicinal purposes – and like many Schedule II and Schedule III substances, it can be extremely helpful to a patient in moderation.  In excess, however, or when taken recreationally, it can be both dangerous and illegal.

Drug Addiction Intervention Programs for Bartlett Marijuana Addicts

Bartlett Drug Addiction Intervention ProgramsThe main chemical in marijuana, THC, affects several areas of the brain.  Pleasure, sensory perception, memory, cognition, time awareness and concentration are all affected. Even when the high has worn off, the effects of THC on memory linger.  Various studies show that the brain may be slowed for days or even weeks after a single incident of smoking pot – so people who have an addiction are essentially never able to think or remember things as well as they should.

Marijuana addiction is largely psychological. Addicts become increasingly dissatisfied with the way they feel when sober, and can become irritable, anxious, unable to sleep and disinterested in food when they don’t get high. Frequently they lose interest in active pursuits and withdraw into sedentary and unproductive behaviors.  They may enjoy conversation with other people who are high, but be unable to participate sensibly in a conversation with someone sober.  There is often a negative effect on relationships with family and friends and a clear dip in performance at work or school.

In places where marijuana use is illegal, being caught in possession often leads to court-mandated treatment and sobriety. According to NIDA (the National Institute on Drug Abuse), marijuana addiction accounts for roughly 17 percent of admissions to treatment facilities – and of these a large number are court-ordered.  If you care about someone in Bartlett who seems to be getting away with recreational abuse and see his life suffering because of it, don’t wait for it to become a legal problem.

Helping an Addict in Bartlett Who Abuses Marijuana

There are a number of drug addiction intervention programs that can help your Bartlett loved one.  You can talk to a certified interventionist about how severe the problem is and whether there is a simple outpatient treatment program that might help or whether an inpatient facility would be warranted.  The addict will need time and assistance to get accustomed to sobriety, and may need treatment for an underlying issue such as depression or anxiety that fed into the addiction.

If you live in Bartlett or anywhere else in Tennessee, you can call (888) 371-5722.  Find out about treatment centers and interventionists who can help you plan an intervention to get your loved one’s life back on track.