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Benefits of Drug Testing after Addiction TreatmentSome recovering drug addicts think that routine drug testing conveys suspicion, but it can be incredibly helpful. Many reasons for drug testing come from organizations and authorities, such as how employers often test new employees before hiring them, and courts use testing to verify compliance with sobriety. However, Tennessee drug addicts in recovery may reap some of the most important benefits of recovery if they adhere to drug testing.

Drug testing is a common element of many rehab programs and aftercare plans, but different organizations test people for unique reasons. For instance, many programs test addicts for any of the following reasons:

  • Probation or parole compliance – Some courts grant criminals probation or parole based on a Tennessee user’s sobriety, because drug use may result in incarceration
  • Accreditation – Some treatment programs, particularly government funded ones, measure a center’s effectiveness by how many addicts avoid relapse. In other words, if enough people who visit a rehab center end up relapsing, a government program may become alerted that the treatment center has subpar treatment methods.
  • Verify prescription compliance – Programs that use a controlled substance, such as methadone, must test patients to ensure they take the prescribed drug and do not divert it

While all of these reasons are important, Tennessee drug addicts must seek testing for their own reasons.

How Testing Can Help Addicts

Many recovering drug addicts overlook the benefits of drug testing, but this method can help in the following ways:

  • Early detection of relapse – When relapse occurs, testing can detect it quickly, so that people can plan an intervention
  • Accountability – Testing proves whether or not an addict has broken any promises she made to family or friends about sobriety
  • Motivation – Recovering addicts may see regular testing as an opportunity to succeed rather than as an expectation of failure. Each negative test becomes a positive victory.

For these reasons, drug testing should be considered as a voluntary part of anyone’s recovery program.

Benefits of Drug Testing

Addicts may highly value drug tests depending on how the tests are administered and used. For instance, regular and frequent testing counters the temptation to use drugs without detection. Also, regular rather than random testing eliminates the temptation to use drugs, because users will know when the next test will be, and it is too soon to clean their systems out beforehand.

The loved ones of a recovering drug addict should not cut off financial or emotional support if the addict fails a drug test. First of all, false positives do occur. This means a Tennessee drug addict may not use drugs, but a test may still say he did. Secondly, the goal of treatment and recovery is to keep helping addicts rather than withdrawing support at the first setback.

Testing Recovery for Tennessee Drug Addicts

If you or a Tennessee loved one suffers from addiction, call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to explore recovery options. If you use drug testing, you can monitor someone’s drug use and encourage an intervention as soon as possible.