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Methamphetamine, or meth, is an extremely addictive drug with high potential for abuse.  Meth can be smoked, snorted or injected in order to produce a rush of energy and euphoria. Chattanooga Substance Abuse Intervention ProgramsThe effects of the drug are not dissimilar to cocaine, crack and other stimulants, but it has been a larger problem in this country than similar drugs in recent years because of logistical and economic factors.

Meth is both cheaper and easier to come by than any of these other drugs, and the high can last up to 24 hours — a time span greatly in excess of crack and cocaine.  Many meth addicts in Chattanooga and elsewhere make the drug on their own, or know someone who does.  The main ingredient can be isolated from over-the-counter cold medicines and cooked up with chemicals such as ammonia or lye that are readily available.  The drug is particularly common among people of lower economic brackets and in rural areas like Chattanooga.

Sides Effects of Meth Use in Chattanooga Addicts

Meth is a particularly dangerous drug with side effects that are easy to spot.  While alcoholics or marijuana users may be able to disguise their addictions from most people in their lives, a meth addiction will become glaring evident quite rapidly.

You will likely be dealing with

  • Periods of hyperactive, unbelievably energetic activity. These “runs” that can last days.
  • Intense depression when the user is not high. Meth completely destroys the part of the brain that produces dopamine, so addicts are not able to express any feelings of happiness or pleasure without the drug.
  • Dangerous behavior. Meth has the effect of lowering both libido and inhibitions. Instances of violence, crime and risky sexual behavior spike among meth users.
  • Dental problems. Rotten and discolored teeth are a frequent side effect, referred to a “meth mouth.”
  • Psychotic behavior, taking the form of hallucinations or aggression.

Meth is one of the hardest drug addictions to kick, particularly due to the anhedonia  (loss of dopamine) it causes.  The relapse rate is one of the highest among all substance abuse cases.  This is why it is particularly important to give the Chattanooga addict the advantage of the best possible care.  If you are looking for substance abuse intervention programs to help your loved one in Chattanooga, call (888) 371-5722.  You can find a skilled interventionist who knows about meth treatment and recovery or about any other substance abuse problems that your loved one may have.  You can discuss your best options for care throughout the country.