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Clarksville Drug Addiction InterventionsIt is important that a drug intervention be held by people who are not ashamed to face the addict’s disease.  In many families, and indeed in many social circles, there is a stigma associated with drug dependency that causes those close to the addict to want him to lie about his problem.  Parents worry that their friends will think there is something wrong with them if their child has a problem — that they are bad parents or that the entire household reflects bad values in some way.  This attitude is one of the first things that needs to be conquered in order to stage a successful drug addiction intervention for your Clarksville loved one.

You may think that it’s all the same in the end – that the idea is to get the addict into treatment and rehab and to have him not come home until he is clean and committed to staying sober.  But honesty is essential to recovery.  The addict needs to be able to be honest about the problem — not just when you are convincing him to get help, but when he is in recovery and needs to be able to better choices.  Addicts who come out of rehab feeling pressure to hide the fact that they had a problem are more likely to end up back in situations where the temptation exists to use again.

Prepare for a Drug Addiction Intervention for Your Clarksville Loved One

Even during the invention, it is important that you not demonstrate disgust or contempt for the addict’s disease.  Everyone there must be able to show the care and compassion that comes from understanding that the Clarsville addict faces a disease, not a failure of character or will.

Consider that:

  • In many cases, there is a genetic component to addiction, and more and more science supports the idea that some people have a greater propensity for addiction than others, with no fault whatsoever to them.
  • There is a term, comorbidity, that refers to the fact that drug addictions are also more common in people who are fighting other mental illnesses than the general population.  A loved one who is suffering from depression or an anxiety disorder may have become addicted to a drug in an attempt to self-medicate.
  • It is not just illicit drugs to which your Clarksville loved one may be addicted.  Social drinking or prescription drug use can escalate into an addiction before you or the addict realize that it is a threat.  Gambling, too, can slowly turn into an addiction even if it begins with a family trip to Atlantic City, a weekly poker game or friendly betting on sporting events.

There are resources available to help with a drug addiction intervention for your Clarksville loved one .  Call  (888) 371-5722 to speak with an intervention specialist who will help prepare you not just to confront the addict, but to do your part in creating an environment in which the addict can recover.