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Jackson Drug Addiction Intervention CentersAddiction is not limited to drugs and alcohol. You’ve probably heard of gambling addictions and sex addictions, as well.  Far less common but equally destructive can be gaming addictions or addictions to other escapist activities such as watching television.  In many of these cases, the addiction is primarily psychological in nature, which shapes the nature of treatment.

Drug Addiction Intervention Centers for Jackson Heroin Addicts

In some cases with substance abuse, however, there is a physical component to the addiction that must be treated before any other work on recovery can begin.  This is the case with alcohol dependency, as well as several types of painkillers and barbiturates.  Heroin is one of the most physically addictive substances in the world.  When an addict wants to get clean, it is essential that he do so in a facility with medical personnel to oversee withdrawal and recovery.

Heroin withdrawal is both painful and dangerous.  Most addicts will be unable to sleep and will vomit or have severe diarrhea. Cold flashes, involuntary spasms, and muscle and bone pain are common.  For addicts with a serious dependency, quitting cold turkey can be fatal.  The most extreme withdrawal symptoms typically last two or three days, and physical symptoms continue for about a week.  Doctors will supervise withdrawal, occasionally administer alternative drugs in lowers doses to “step-down” the dependency, and general hospital supervision will ensure that the addict does not relapse within days due to uncontrollable cravings.

Consequences of Heroin Abuse in Jackson Addicts

Withdrawal is not the only reason that medical supervision is necessary.  Consequences of heroin abuse include kidney disease, liver disease, abscesses, collapsed veins, respiratory complications and a number of infections.  There is also a strong link between HIV/AIDS and heroin abuse because so many heroin addicts do not follow precautions with needles to prevent the spread of AIDS and other infectious diseases like hepatitis.  For a Jackson addict who is serious about recovery, knowing his health status and  preparing to deal with it responsibly is essential.

Without professional treatment, very few Jackson heroin addicts would ever get free of the disease.  That is why an intervention is often essential to save an addict’s life – and professional assistance is recommended to ensure that plan a successful intervention. If you live in Tennessee and are looking for drug addiction intervention centers to help someone you know in Jackson who has a problem with heroin or any other substance, call (888) 371-5722. You can learn more about facilities locally or nationally that can provide the assistance your loved one needs.