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Johnson City drug addiction intervention guideThere is tremendous variety among drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation programs.  Some are inpatient while others are outpatient affiliated with a hospital where the addict can stay for a couple of days during initial withdrawal but then return only for short sessions thereafter.  Some facilities are meant to be extremely peaceful, and there may be a focus on holistic or natural healing as well as traditional addiction medicine.  Some places encourage group therapy, while some focus primarily on individual counseling sessions.

Treatment at Home or Away for Johnson City Addicts?

Some addicts would prefer to seek treatment or attend rehab as close to home as possible. The concern may be financial, or perhaps it is very important that family and friends be able to visit and provide support.  Others, however, would like to seek treatment in another state.  This may be in order to get a specific type of therapy or to feel more physically distant from influences that are part of the problem.  Finding a treatment facility that suits all of your criteria can be difficult, which is one reason that you may want to take advantage of an addiction helpline or the services of a local interventionist.

While you are planning an intervention, one of the things you should be doing is select a treatment center that you are going to recommend to the Johnson City addict.  If you are holding a traditional intervention that takes place all in one session, you would want to convince the addict to go straight from the intervention into treatment, which means that you have to have an option ready.  Frequently, you even have to book the room in advance and occasionally you will have to put down a deposit.

If you are contemplating an intervention that takes place over several weeks (some form of systemic intervention for example), you may be able to get some feedback from the Johnson City addict about what sort of treatment facility would be his preference.  An interventionist’s knowledge of programs around the country will help you find a match.

Types of Programs Available to Johnson City Addicts

Some types of programs of which you may not be aware are

  • Gender-specific programs
  • Family programs
  • Extended care
  • Executive rehab
  • Sober living homes
  • Transitional living
  • Teen/adolescent centers
  • Holistic treatment
  • Wilderness programs

These are all options that you can discuss with your interventionist and with the Johnson City addict so that you can make a choice with which the addict feels comfortable.  If you are looking for help with addiction treatment for your Johnson City loved one, don’t hesitate to call (888) 371-5722.