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Knoxville Drug and Alcohol InterventionsIt is not enough to hold an intervention to insist that an alcoholic or drug addict cease her substance abuse.  That would be like being a teacher and simply telling your students “learn math and come back for a test.”  You have to be prepared to offer solutions and know how to communicate in a manner that will be productive.

You should work with a professional interventionist to determine an intervention model and develop a plan tailored to the specific situation you face.  An interventionist’s services will likely run you $200 to $300  (whether in hourly installments or as a one-time fee), and you will have the benefit of his expertise both preparing for the intervention and holding it.

Drug and Alcohol Interventions for Knoxville Addicts in Crisis Situations

Some interventions are what are known as “crisis interventions.”  In these cases, time is of the essence because the addict has displayed behavior that is blatantly violent, dangerous or self-harming.  You may not have the luxury of gathering together all the people who might wish to attend, and you may not have as much time as you would like to get your own thoughts together and make a plan.

In a case like this, an interventionist is of the utmost value because she already knows about treatment and rehab centers. You won’t have to take care of research and calling around asking for availability and prices.  Your interventionist also has enough experience with running interventions that she can guide you through the basics of what you need to do efficiently and clearly.  During the intervention, she will be able to step in to offer important information and keep both the participants and the addict communicating effectively.  When you feel like you’re working against the clock, this gives you more peace of mind.

Other Types of Interventions for Knoxville Addicts

In cases where you are not facing an immediate crisis, you have more leeway to talk about different types of interventions with a helpline expert or interventionist.  Though classic interventions typically involve a couple of planning sessions and then one meeting with the addict, newer concepts in intervention involve a longer-term approach.  They involve getting friends and family together to discuss changes that they will make in their own behavior in order to break the patterns in the addict’s life.  If you can work out a plan for a systemic intervention, it often leads to the addict feeling more like treatment and rehab are his own choice, as opposed to something forced upon him under duress.

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