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Transitioning from rehab to recovery is a massive step: people leave safe environments that are free of temptation and filled with supportive individuals to return to the real world that is fraught with opportunities for drug use. Unfortunately, while Tennessee residents may leave treatment feeling empowered and hopeful, the pressures of everyday life can undermine sobriety efforts. After rehab ends, it is difficult not only to dive back into life’s responsibilities, but also to focus on recovery while feeling content. In fact, once the initial excitement of leaving treatment wears away, it can be difficult to find a sense of normalcy. Many recovery professionals think that finding a new normal in recovery is the greatest challenge of overcoming addiction, so you must create a new lifestyle that eventually becomes normal. You can only expect to stay sober if you rebuild your life to contribute to society.

How to Rebuild Your Life in Recovery

Recovery does not happen overnight, so recovering addicts must enact life changes through trial and error. While recovering addicts should avoid too much responsibility immediately after rehab ends, it is highly beneficial for them to stay busy. Devise and stick to a daily routine to get back into the swing of things, but avoid stress, as it may contribute to relapse. A schedule should allow for some flexibility, and it can change over time, but being busy gives a Tennessee drug addict a plan to avoid boredom and other relapse triggers.

Recovering drug addicts must stay involved in recovery efforts—like support groups, 12-Step programs or continued therapy—as this care ensures support and accountability. Tennessee residents who stay involved in these programs can create a new life; they can find peers, sponsors and other members in the community that motivate sobriety. Furthermore, recovering addicts should find places, activities and hobbies to reignite their social lives without drugs. This act will also keep you from feeling that recovery is solely work. Lastly, recovering addicts need to fill their time with healthy activities and interests that show how fulfilling and pleasurable life can be. Working toward goals in any setting will help you regain a sense of normalcy, especially if you identify where you want your life to go.

How to Return to Normalcy After Addiction Treatment

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