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If you know someone in Memphis who has driven drunk or while under the influence of alcohol, you should waste no time in considering  intervention programs that may be able to help. Many times people put off an intervention, thinking that perhaps some event will occur to make the addict more receptive to change or committed to quitting.  They rationalize that the problem “is not so bad” because the addict can keep a job and is not violent or angry at home.Memphis Intervention Programs

Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs, however, means you cannot bury your head in the sand for even one day more. If the Memphis addict were to injure or kill someone else, he would face jail time and suffer for the rest of his life with the burden.  And if you knew that this was a possibility and didn’t do anything to stop it, you would carry a burden of your own.

The Importance of Intervention Programs for Memphis Addicts

According to NHTSA’s statistics, Tennessee typically has about 1,200 fatalities each year in the middle due to drunk driving.  The numbers have declined slightly since then, to just under 1,000 in 2009.  This is still one of the higher figures nationwide, but interventions are one of the best ways of continuing to lower that number.

Unfortunately, addicts who convince themselves that it’s not a problem to drive while under the influence or who become so impaired that they don’t even take a moment to think about it are among those most likely to be resistant to an intervention.  They may genuinely feel that the fact they have yet to cause harm means they will not or that they are invincible.  They may be so addicted that they cannot imagine life without their addiction and don’t even want to try.

Speak with an Interventionist to Help Your Memphis Loved One

For this reason, it may be advisable to ask a trained and experienced interventionist to help you.  From planning the intervention and discussing what to say to helping ensure that no one is in physical danger during the process, the interventionist will bring cool-headed control to a situation that is difficult and potentially dangerous.

If someone you care about in Memphis has driven under the influence, do not hesitate to call (888) 371-5722 to discuss your options.  Help is available and can save the lives of both addicts and innocent victims.