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Murfreesboro Alcohol and Drug Interventions Many alcoholics try to quit multiple times.  Some alcoholics actually manage to keep their addiction a secret from most of the people in their lives, but in most cases, loved ones are well aware of the problem.  Some even have frank conversations about it. Sometimes the addict is in complete denial about the extent of the problem, but just as often she will acknowledge that she is drinking “too much” and agree to cut back or quit.

There are millions of people who live with and love an alcoholic who has promised to cut back or quit and then relapsed multiple times.  If this is you, it is time to take more definitive action to break the cycle. Alcohol and drug interventions provide the next step.

What Can Alcohol and Drug Interventions Accomplish for a Murfreesboro Addict?

First, you are demonstrating to the Murfreesboro addict that no one in her life is going to allow that cycle to continue.  You are not a sole voice saying you wish she would stop.  You are part of a unified front saying that she must stop and that no one is willing to enable her any more.  You want the invention to show her how much she is affecting her health and everyone in her life so she will ultimately choose to get treatment.  If she is not ready to accept treatment, however, you have to be ready to be firm with the limits you have set, whether that means no contact whatsoever or no assistance of certain forms (like money) or interaction at certain times (when she is impaired).

An intervention should always include a plan for treatment because it is important for a Murfreesboro alcoholic to have medical supervision during withdrawal.  There are both psychological and physical symptoms that can be extremely dangerous.  Psychologically, the addict is facing depression, anxiety nightmares, mood swings and difficulty thinking clearly.  Physically, she is likely to have terrible headaches, sweats, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, and tremors.  In severe cases, there can be fever, seizures and delirium tremens (DTs) which include debilitating confusion and hallucinations.  Though it is rare, withdrawal from severe alcoholism can be fatal.

Help the Mursfreesboro Addict Avoid Relapse

Addicts are likely to relapse in the short term because these physical effects start to kick in and they feel that they need more alcohol to go back to being functional.  They are likely to relapse in the longer term because they miss the feeling of being intoxicated.  Immediate treatment after the invention sees a Mursfreesboro addict safely through the dangerous and volatile period of physical withdrawal and begins to establish the patterns of thought and behavior that will be necessary to fight the psychological addiction.  Continued therapy and/or participation in a group such as AA will be necessary to maintain sobriety for many months or years to come.

If you are in Murfreesboro and looking into alcohol and drug interventions, call (888) 371-5722. You can get help planning an intervention, finding a treatment center and ensuring that the person you love in Mursfreesboro will get both the medical care and personal support she needs.