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Poverty’s Influences on Drug UseThose who suffer from poverty may abuse drug use in hopes of relieving their daily struggles, but drug abuse is an expensive habit that only offers a short-lived, artificial sense of wellbeing. Drug use often leads to addiction, which will worsen the circumstances surrounding poverty, so these two issues plague each other. Tennessee residents need professional help to address poverty and drug abuse at the same time.

How Poverty Affects Drug Abuse

Due to the high cost of drugs, establishing a healthy income while struggling with addiction is often impossible. As a result, substance abuse perpetuates poverty, often trapping Tennessee drug users in an unending cycle of financial devastation. As addiction progresses and impoverished drug users increasingly rely on drugs to function, they may go without basic needs, such as food or water, to purchase drugs. Abusing drugs while suffering from poverty is an unsustainable lifestyle that can lead to financial ruin and homelessness.

How Drug Addiction Can Lead to Poverty

Sometimes drug use causes poverty, as Tennessee residents risk financial ruin when they abuse drugs. For example, drug addiction frequently results in job loss. Managing a full-time job while struggling with addiction is difficult, so eventually an addict’s professional productivity will suffer. Drug addicts may go to work while experiencing drug cravings or withdrawal symptoms, and they may even work while under the influence of drugs. Overall, drug abuse impairs one’s ability to execute daily responsibilities. So, just as drug abuse can result in job loss, drug abuse can also prevent impoverished people from securing well-paying jobs.

Drug Abuse Leads to Antisocial and Illegal Behavior

Job loss due to addiction may signal the beginning of poverty. Even after losing a job, many drug users spiral into addiction, because rather than leading to decreased drug use, job loss often causes users abuse drugs even more, or to turn to harder drugs. Tennessee drug addicts may empty their savings or sell their assets to purchase drugs. The problem is that, once trapped in poverty, users are unlikely to overcome addiction without intervention.

After losing everything to drug use, Tennessee drug addicts may turn to illegal and antisocial behaviors to continue obtaining their drugs of choice. They may spend long periods of time alone to steal or sell stolen items. Drug users in poverty often lack resources, so they must turn to illegal activities to get drugs. Due to the negative behaviors associated with addiction, drug users may become alienated from their friends and family, which means they lose much needed support during a time of great difficulty. In extreme cases, drug use can even lead to homelessness, especially due to a lack of support from others.

Find Addiction Treatment for Impoverished Tennessee Residents

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