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How Family Education Can Influence Addiction RecoveryFamily education plays a critical role in addiction and the addiction recovery process. Addiction is a family disease; when one member of the family struggles with addiction, everyone struggles with addiction in some way or another. And like cancer and other illnesses, there is a science to treating addiction. The everyday person does not understand the nature of addiction and all that the illness entails. While family members in Tennessee may have the best intentions for helping a loved one through addiction, their heart-felt attempts may be useless if they have not been educated or trained on the matter.

Family education programs are beneficial to everyone in the family, not just the addict. Family education can teach individuals when and how they can help their loved one, how they can help themselves individually, and how they can work together as a family unit during the recovery process. For the addict, a family’s support and is invaluable during the recovery process, but loved ones must be qualified to play this supportive role or they may do more harm than good.

Benefits of Addiction Education for Tennessee Families

Family education can influence addiction prevention and addiction recovery, and help Tennessee families learn about the following issues:

  • Nature of addiction – Education about the disease, its causes, treatment and recovery, as well as about specific addictions and their symptoms (substance and behaviors) and the dangers and risks of certain drugs, can all help family members to understand the addict.  Further, hearing the dangers and risks of substance abuse can prevent addiction for others.
  • Addiction treatment options – Families can be coached on staging interventions and other ways to confront someone’s battle with addiction.
  • Effects of addiction on the family – Addiction can bring a great deal of stress and painful emotions into the lives of others. Spouses, children, parents and siblings will all be personally affected by an addict’s behavior. Addressing this pain is necessary for each individual’s health as well as the continuity of the family. This is especially helpful for children who may face long-term effects from a loved one’s addiction. Parents can learn how to help support and talk to their children about the issue as well as how to identify problems with self-esteem, emotional trauma and more.
  • Codependent relationships and enabling behaviors – These two issues are commonly found in relationships between family members and close friends of addicts and both will delay or prevent full-recovery.
  • Addiction recovery support – Support groups, therapy, individual counseling, spousal counseling and family counseling are all effective options for helping an entire family recover from addiction. Family members can learn their roles in the recovery process to promote individual healing and family reconciliation.

In addiction to the benefits of family education listed above, addiction education can also help families develop new coping strategies, improve communication and conflict management skills and learn relapse prevention.

Treatment and Recovery Help for Tennessee Families Struggling with Addiction

If someone in your family in Tennessee is struggling with addiction, call our toll-free number to speak with a recovery professional who can help. Our recovery professionals are available 24 hours a day to assist you with all of your addiction treatment and recovery needs. Whether you have questions, need information or are looking for professional intervention help, addiction education, treatment or recovery services, we can help. You can protect yourself and your family from the wrath of addiction and find healing through recovery.