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What to Do When Drug Abuse Makes You a Shadow of Yourself

After losing control of your life to drugs, it seems easier to deny your problem than to face the truth

Drug abuse can change your life or a Tennessee loved one’s so much that it is impossible for her to recognize herself in a mirror. Drug abuse usually begins as innocent experimentation with drugs or alcohol, but it can quickly turn into addiction for those with addictive tendencies or a personal or family history of drug abuse Young people tend to think they are invincible against the harm that drugs can cause, but losing one’s self-image and the ability to make good decisions to drugs will affect everything you do. Understanding how addiction changes your personality can be the catalyst you need to reach out for help.

Tennessee residents who abuse drugs may endure the following consequences:

  • Loss of self-esteem—Self-esteem helps you believe that you deserve a better life instead of the one drugs and alcohol give. It makes you feel loveable, likeable and worthy of the attention of others. It also creates your sense of value as it motivates you to make good choices. However, when you abuse drugs you rely on them for motivation and meaning rather than on yourself and your loved ones.
  • Helplessness—Losing one’s self-esteem leads to feelings of helplessness as people begin to lose the drive to make good decisions. Tennessee drug users may feel powerless to control their drug cravings, which make them dependent upon drugs to live each day.
  • Guilt—As people consistently give in to drug cravings, guilt can become overwhelming. You may see yourself as weak, out of control and unable to do anything right.
  • Denial—After losing control of your life to drugs, it seems easier to deny your problem than to face the truth. Although your family and friends may know what is happening, you may believe that, by denying your problem, it will go away.

When your self-esteem is battered and your guilt is great, then the person you see in the mirror may seem like a stranger to you. You may have lost yourself to drugs and alcohol, so you may think there is no way to come back. However, help is available, and recovery is always possible. By recognizing that you can change and wanting to do so, you have already taken an important step toward sobriety. Ask for help from a Tennessee friend, because it is the best thing you can do to rediscover who you are.

Help for Tennessee Drug Addicts

Substance abuse and addiction can leave you with little more than a shadow of yourself, but help is available when you realize that you are not strong enough to recover on your own. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to speak to an admissions coordinator about addiction treatment. Tennessee drug users are not alone.