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What Will Happen to Me if I Stop Using Drugs?Part of the reason recovering from drug abuse and addiction is so frightening to Tennessee users is the fear of the unknown. When you have been suffering from addiction, you can forget what life is like without your drug of choice. Some users have been abusing drugs so long that they cannot remember how things were before they began their drug abuse. Although it may seem scary to stop using drugs, getting sober will allow you to make positive changes and improve your quality of life. There are always some difficult moments when you stop using drugs, but if you work past those you will be glad you made the decision to quit.

What Tennessee Addicts Should Know about Withdrawal Symptoms

Tennessee users who have stopped using drugs for even a short period of time are probably already familiar with some level of withdrawal symptoms. Over time your body builds up a tolerance to the drug, which causes you to abuse more of a substance to achieve the same high. As tolerance builds, your body also begins to develop a dependence on the drug. While you do not actually need a drug to operate, your brain chemistry undergoes changes during addiction that causes your brain to send signals when you have not abused drugs for a period of time. These signals, called withdrawal symptoms, may manifest themselves in a number of ways, such as nausea, headaches, anxiety, sweating, insomnia, increased heart rate, paranoia, and depression.

How Tennessee Addicts Can Get Past Withdrawal Symptoms After Drug Abuse

Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and may cause even the most dedicated recovering users to doubt themselves. Remember, however, that with time you will get past withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the drug you are addicted to, withdrawal symptoms may last several weeks. You should seek medical supervision while you are working through your withdrawal symptoms, because without proper supervision it is very likely that you will relapse, and some withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous without medical supervision.

Do You Need Help Quitting Drugs?

If you are ready to quit using drugs but are not sure where to turn for help, call our toll-free helpline today. Our trained addiction experts are standing by to help users like you 24 hours a day, and we can give you more information on the latest drug addiction treatment techniques. If you have any questions about drug addiction treatment or want to find out if your health insurance will help pay for rehab treatment, call our helpline now.